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Aunty Nellie’s Sweets

10 High St, Galway City

“Sweets you will always remember and sweets you thought you had forgotten”

Enjoy yourself as you take a trip down memory lane. Aunty Nellies Sweet Shop is full of nostalgia, full of memories and full of your favorite sweets. They are not just selling sweets, they are selling a memory. Not only do they want you to be excited about our handpicked range of sweets they want to send you on a roller coaster of memories of years gone by and hopefully create some new ones for you and your loved ones.


Aunty Nellie’s sweet shop also specializes in local Irish artisan confectionery supporting local sweet producers from throughout the country. Specializing in local Irish Artisan confectionery, supporting local sweet producers & chocolatiers throughout the country. Aunty Nellies are continuingly evolving to bring new and exciting products to their shops.

10 High St, Galway City